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City Eye Foundation offers the very best in patient care, comfort and service and uses the most advanced proven techniques and technology for better eye care. We make sure that we fully understand your condition and lifestyle before identifying a range of treatment options – and then help you choose the best one for you. Our main focus is the treatment and care of patients with a wide range of eye problems, from common complaints to rare conditions. We have a rich heritage and an ambitious vision for the future of our patients and local communities.

Our Facilities


A squint or crossed eye is a condition in which both the eyes do not look at the same point at the same time. If Squint is not treated in time, the defective eye can succumb to loss of vision. Our doctors can help you prevent further damage to your eyes with the help of facilities and resorting to Imaging of the Visual System whenever required.


In our contact lens clinic the optician will carefully examine and measure your eyes. The lens can be selected with reference to the prescription. Whether you are short sighted, long sighted, astigmatic or even wear bifocals there are contact lenses for every prescription.


When a good vision cannot be achieved with spectacles or contact lenses, patients can be assessed in our low vision clinic. Specially trained low vision optometrists will carefully measure the client’s functional vision by using equipment, lighting, and techniques designed specifically for those with low vision.


Our Pharmacy provides a professional, efficient yet personal service to each and every one of our customers. We offer a seamless prescription service from ordering your required repeat medication, to collecting your prescriptions and dispensing. Our experienced pharmacists are able to provide advice about your medicines and other health related issues.


Our full-service optical store specializing in quality eyewear and frames can conveniently fit eye care visits into your schedule. We offer hundreds of eyeglasses and frames to choose from, including major brands.


Dr. Sudha G. MS

Consultant Ophthalmologist

General Ophthalmology

Dr. Padmaja Krishnan MS, DO, DORCs

Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist

Former Professor & Head of the Dept. Ophthalmology
Senior Consultant, Medical College, Kozhikode


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